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Yaman Palak, is a celebrated songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Queens NY. His dream-pop tracks feature magnificent vocals, that blend effortlessly with hypnotic gardens of sounds. At times electronica and other times alternative, Yaman’s music invites the listener to cinematic atmospheres, seductive and liberating. 



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Yaman Palak


Past Shows 2016:

August 12, Tarot Society, Brooklyn NY 

July 17, Five Miles, Brooklyn NY

June 11, Northside Presents @ Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn NY

May 6, Tarot Society, Brooklyn NY

April 15, Live at WUSB Radio, Stony Brook University NY

March 23, Leftfield, New York, NY

March 3, Bowery Electric, New York NY

February 13, The Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY

January 21, The Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY


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"... I Need You is slow burning heart-beating pop that will melt the hardest of hearts with his magnificent vocals set to dreamy melodies. ..." - Diamond Deposits 2016

"... The powerful yet laid back sounds of "CHE" round out this release making you wonder what's next as the track comes to a mind bending halt leaving you mesmerized by it's seductive sound. ..." - Custom Made Music 2016

“... In addition to precise staccato excursions and fragmented elaborations, Yaman calmly created an atmosphere that compares to an ambivalent expedition through uninhabited film landscape. ..." - Neue Zuger Zeitung 2010


Cosmic Garden

by Yaman Palak